Large NYC Artwork

These large canvases are unique. 

I ship the artwork rolled up in a  shipping tube. 

Each piece can be stretched, preferably on a 1 1/2 (one and a half) heavy duty stretcher bar. 

The process

This mixed media artwork varies from piece to piece, but all New York City pieces share a common denominator, which are articles I collect from newspapers used as background and they are all originals. The articles come from papers such as The New York Times, Brooklyn Rail, NY Post, etc. and sometimes local newspapers I collect in my neighborhood, that is, Kensington, Brooklyn. Although I use just one or a collage of randomly chosen articles, I try using articles relevant to what is happening out there at the current time, but it is not limited to it.

 Wonder how the image is done?

The image itself is either a stencil or a silk screen. In the case of silk screens, my finished original drawing goes to a process of digitalization and is vectorized. In the case of stencils, I make my own cut outs and then used to create the image on the canvas.


I use acrylic paint for all my pieces except when mentioned. All pieces have water-based varnish to protect the colors.

 Will colors fade? Color will not fade but all paint tends to darken a little over time. Paintings in general are better protected if kept away from direct sunlight. I would try to avoid hanging paintings in bathrooms or outdoor places.


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