Abstracts/Conceptual wood panels 8"x 8" in.


Each piece is individually created on wood panels of 8x8 inches and varnished.


For these 8x8 ongoing series, I have used a wide range of unconventional objects: plastic bags, jute twine, burlap, newspapers, canvas, acrylic paint, spray paint, to name a few. Most pieces have a lot of texture and mixed media, which is what I enjoy the most. They also contain letter cut outs to create phrases or words. Sometimes I add a poem or a sentence by a philosopher that I just happen to be studying or a favorite one.

 What is going in these pieces?

 A search for simplicity in the usage of everyday objects. I think of objects as Heraclitus expressed his thoughts about life, that it is flux . Objects change over time, physically and conceptually. It is in this change I am interested in.